All your questions about Dog House Australia.


“You watch the dog ignore you completely [when they’re going home with their new family] and it breaks your heart, but if they ignore you, they jump in that car and off they go – sticking their little heads out the window with their little cheeks flapping in the wind.

“It’s the best feeling when you watch them hunt [of the rescue]. And we say to [the dogs]; “I hope I never see you again”, bad as that is. This is why we are working so hard – for this moment when they are stepping out the window, ready to start their new lives with their new people. “

* Crying nurse. *

Rescue dogs are much more reliable than you might think.

According to Tayla, a lot of people think breeder dogs may be a “safer bet” to take, but finding the right rescue dog could bring you more success than you think.

“With our guys here we do a lot of training with them and all of their medical work is done. What you see is what you get, whereas some places or ranchers may hide certain things to make sure they get paid. , or get the animal out of their possession.

“We’re completely charity here, so it’s not about the money. It’s about getting these animals into the homes and making sure they get the best possible well-being.

“The idea that [rescue dogs] are broken, or they will be too difficult, or impossible to train; all in all, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, that’s completely wrong, because you absolutely can. “

But not all stories are success stories.

From time to time, the dogs return to the shelter despite the best efforts of the matchmakers. And that can be quite daunting.

“You have either very, very good days or very, very bad days,” Tayla said. Mama mia.

“[The dogs] finally gets that chance to be outside [of the shelter], and we all have our little parties. You can see on the show how excited we are because they’re our babies too.

“We spend so much time with them, trusting people and telling them what the animal is like. So when they come back, or if they come back, it’s pretty deflating.

“We have a really good foster program here so quite often they come back and we’ll put them right into a foster home so they’re not here in the shelter worrying that ‘oh have -I did something wrong to be back here? ‘ And you can see, they’re pretty upset when they come back, but that doesn’t happen very often. We’re very lucky with that. “

So … how do you go about adopting?

“Call us and chat! Tayla said.

“Our phone lines are open every day. It’s good when people call us and say, ‘I saw Scruffy online, and I would like to know more about him. life would be suitable? ‘ as opposed to “I love this dog. I want to adopt it “.


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