After seven years, K9 Elliot of Whatcom County has retired – KIRO 7 News Seattle


With more than 650 deployments and 250 arrests, K9 Elliot of Whatcom County has retired, according to the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office.

Elliot and his manager, Deputy Taddonio, worked all over Whatcom County and whether it was through blackberry bushes, rivers and lakes, and even under houses, Elliot was always up for the challenge.

Elliot also assisted in arrests in Skagit and Snohomish counties.

“There is a quote that rings true. “Everyone knows what evil looks like, but few have had an evil look on them.” We had a hard time looking back at each other,” Deputy Taddonio said in a letter to Elliot. “I am forever grateful that you agreed to be by my side and watch it with me. You have dedicated over seven and a half years to being my partner and I am grateful that we had each other… (Your) is a well-deserved retirement and it’s your time to relax. We hope to have many more years together, but all you’ll need to hunt now are your toys. Taddonio signed the letter: “Your partner, your person , your father… “

Elliot will retire to the home of Deputy Taddonio.

Taddonio’s new partner, K9 Luca, is an 85 week old German Shepherd who loves to play and have fun.

Taddonio and Luca have completed over 400 hours of state-mandated police dog training and recently earned their Narcotics Squad certification.


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