Adorable Baby Zebra Just Born in Wild Kingdom of York, Maine


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The wild Kingdom of York recently made the adorable announcement.

The popular southern Maine park was pleased to announce the birth of the baby zebra. The little striped cutie is the latest addition to the zoo’s diverse animal kingdom. According to its website, the zoo has over 50 unique species, including of course Grant’s zebras.

According to the Austin Zoo, Grant’s zebra is actually the smallest of the zebra subspecies. However, they can still weigh over 650 pounds. It’s big, people. And, given Mom’s size in these pictures, I’m not sure I want to encounter the larger subspecies.

Few details struck the public about the baby zebra. You imagine in the next few weeks more information will follow, such as her gender and her name. But, you can imagine the little guy or girl will be one hell of a popular attraction at the zoo.

The York Wild Kingdom is located right next to York Beach, a prime spot for a tourist attraction. The zoo includes an amusement park, educational opportunities, a special area for children and, of course, an animal kingdom. It remains open until September.

A big shout out to mom and everyone at the zoo. It’s wonderful to see that the zebras are healthy. And if I had to recommend a name, well, Chris is still working.

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