Adopting a Rescue Dog Vs. Buying a Dog from a Breeder


National Rescue Dog Day is celebrated annually on May 20 and raises the question of whether to adopt a dog from a shelter or buy a dog from a breeder. This is a common choice that many families have to make when deciding to add a dog to their family. There’s a big difference between adding a rescue dog to your family and buying one from a breeder.

Adopting from a dog shelter or dog sanctuary is a completely different experience and is usually the cheapest route to take. Families can turn to a dog breeder if they want a specific type of dog. Others may enjoy going to shelters and finding a dog they fall in love with at first sight.

However, a dog that is brought into a home depends on what an individual or family is looking for in a pet and their personal beliefs about adopting animals. There are pluses and minuses to every choice, but is one really better than the other?

Adopt dogs from shelters or shelters

There are a few small differences between dog shelters and dog sanctuaries. Both are places families can pick up dogs to add to their family and house and care for dogs looking for homes. Dogs in shelters are likely strays or may have been abandoned by previous owners. Shelters provide food, medical care, training and love to these dogs until they are adopted.

A dog shelter is also likely a general animal shelter and cares for animals other than dogs such as cats, birds, rats, hamsters, etc. Shelters are almost always full of dogs ready for adoption, and you can enter a shelter and leave the same day with a dog.

According to Homeo Animal, a dog shelter is likely a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of dogs and single dogs. Rescuers take in abandoned or abused dogs. Just as a rescue means saving someone or something from a dangerous situation, the dogs here were actively at risk and are taken to rescues and given proper care and attention.

Shelter and Relief:

  • The adoption process and fees can be less than $100, including up-to-date photos, to bring an animal home.
  • After seeing an animal you love at a shelter or sanctuary, you’ll meet with them to see if there’s a real connection.
  • Staff conduct interviews with adopters to ensure these dogs go to the best homes and never end up at the shelter again.

If there appears to be a match, the adoption is usually granted quite easily.

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Some have strong feelings towards breeders

The phrase Adopt Don’t Shop was created for a reason. There is a whole movement dedicated to adopting dogs from shelters rather than buying them from a breeder. Adoption supporters argue that there are millions of dogs that are already available for adoption from shelters around the world.

The American Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) says there are approximately 3.1 million dogs available for adoption from shelters. Breeding is controversial due to the number of dogs in shelters. Dogs are permanently available as many are not properly spayed or neutered. Or unfortunately, dogs are too often abandoned or handed over to shelters.

There is no shortage of dogs in shelters and shelters, but dog breeders are popular choices. Herder dogs have some advantages over shelter dogs. Dogs purchased from breeders are of a specific breed and families can choose the dog they want. You know their medical history and you know exactly where they came from. This can be important for anyone who wants a dog with specific behaviors or a certain pedigree.

The main problem with breeders is that there are unethical breeders out there who mate dogs and illegally sell litters of puppies, don’t care for their animals properly, or even abandon them, likely putting them in shelters. However, there are reputable dog breeders who take great care of their animals and guarantee that all dogs in their litter will go into good families.

If you choose to go to a dog breeder for a pet, there are a few signs to look out for:

  • They are open and welcoming with your visit and allow you to meet mom
  • They only do races every few months
  • The breeder seems to care if this dog will be a good fit for your home
  • The dog will come with legitimate veterinary papers after an initial check

When choosing to add a dog to the family, it is important to do what you think is best, but also to be informed of what is available.

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