Abingdon Elementary politely asks neighbors to leave their lawn during school hours | ARLnow

Abingdon Primary School Grounds (via Google Maps)

Abingdon Primary School says its grounds are getting too many unauthorized visits from people looking to exercise or walk their dogs.

Some neighbors use the playground and field at 3035 S. Abingdon Street during the school day, which is against school rules, according to Arlington Public Schools and a nearby Fairlington condo association.

Signage throughout the property reminds residents that school hours begin at 7 a.m. and end at 6 p.m., APS says.

The Fairlington Villages Condominium Association took to Twitter last week to remind its residents of the school rules after receiving complaints from the Abingdon community. The condos at 3001 S. Abingdon Street are close to the elementary school.

The association reminded residents that these facilities are to be used exclusively by students and faculty during posting hours. Pet owners should also not bring their dogs to the grounds after hours, he added.

“This will eliminate the health risks to children who might otherwise encounter pet waste,” he said.

APS spokesman Frank Bellavia said Abingdon staff also had to enforce school rules.

“Abingdon staff have spoken to members of the community to let them know that access to the track and playground is not permitted during the school day,” he said. “Contact with the HOA was made through a relative at the PTA who put them in touch with a member of staff at Abingdon.”

He took the opportunity to reiterate school rules regarding the use of playgrounds and public grounds.

“While school is in session, the playgrounds are reserved for the use of APS students for the school day,” Bellavia said. “We ask community members to refrain from using school grounds for other activities, such as playing sports, dog training, using the school as a passkey or other activities during school hours.”

Abingdon is bordered by a county-owned 0.8 acre public green space called Fort Reynolds Park (4585 31st Street S.) and connected to the park by footpath.

While pets are prohibited at the park, pet owners can exercise their dogs at the Shirlington Dog Park (2710 S. Oakland Street) and the Utah Dog Park (3191 S. Utah Street), both just over a mile away.


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