A new animal control facility finally opens


MARLIN, Texas (KWTX) – The town of Marlin is finally getting a new animal control facility to address the ongoing issue of long-term care of lost, abandoned, and abandoned animals.

Over the past two years, KWTX has reported incidents of animals being locked up in municipal offices in appalling conditions. Before that, they had no reliable animal control.

Mildred Wilson, who helped fund the project, says she has helped contribute more than $14,000 to ensure stray animals have a safe place to go.

“I’ve had a few dogs that have been attacked and it’s not fun when you find your dog with ripped skin and everything,” she said.

“It is therefore important for us that our animals are taken care of. It should be important for everyone.

A problem that stemmed primarily from the city moving stray animals to Waco or Rosebud facilities and, in some cases, leaving found animals in unsanitary and unsafe environments for days. Mayor Carolyn Lofton says the situation has gotten to the point where the city and neighbors have said enough is enough.

“We recognize that we have a problem, but to solve it we had to take steps to solve it ourselves,” she said.

“So today is the realization of a dream where we can control our animal population in the town of Marlin without having to rely on strangers.”

It took the city and donors to contribute about $50,000 to build the facility, which includes 20 kennels, clinic offices, food, water and four acres of land ready to be expanded in the future. to come up. Animal control officer William Hunt says what’s needed most at this point are volunteers and extra supplies.

“We will always need dog food,” he said.

“Small contributions would really help. Dog beds, especially blankets, could go a long way because you’ll be using a lot of them when working in a shelter like this.

Even with the new facility officially opening, Wilson says it will take a community-wide effort to keep it running.

“It’s something the city has needed for a long time and I hope the citizens will really help keep it going,” she said.

“We shouldn’t have a facility like this that only lasts a few years and then it disappears.”

If anyone would like to volunteer or donate, they can either visit the city of Marlin’s website or call (254)-883-1450.

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