5 Harsh Realities Of Being Faye Valentine (& 5 Perks)


Faye Valentine from cowboy bebop is a character who evolves significantly over the course of the series. At first, she is brash, sarcastic, and incorrigibly selfish. While she doesn’t completely give up these traits, she nevertheless becomes more affectionate and confident as her friendship with Bebop’s teammates grows.

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She came to the future alone and was immediately saddled with massive debt, but her street smarts and ability to think on her feet led her to the relative safety of the Bebop. A complicated woman with a complicated past, there are pros and cons to being Faye Valentine. Some of these pros and cons weigh more than others.

ten Harsh reality: waking up from cryogenic sleep with massive debt

Not only was Faye in cryogenic sleep for 54 years, but the Moon was also destroyed and the Earth was decimated by rock showers. The last thing Faye wanted to hear about after starting her new life is the huge hospital bill she racked up while she slept. Faye suffered serious injuries in an accident while traveling in space with her parents, who perished. Conventional medicine couldn’t save her, so she was cryogenically frozen, only to wake up in the future with a whopping 300,028,000 woolong bill slapped by Cold Sleep, the clinic that woke her up.

9 Advantage: Faye can hold her own in a fight

cowboy bebop faye pointing the gun

Faye’s proficiency with a hand gun is truly a blessing. After all, she had to rely on her own skills and talents to get her out of more than a few sticky situations with really bad people. Faye’s quick thinking has saved her many times, including when she skillfully fired at the front wheels of a pursuing vehicle. Even more impressively, she managed to accomplish such a feat from the back seat of a moving convertible. She’s also good at hand-to-hand combat and packs quite a punch.

8 Harsh Reality: Faye finds her only connection to the past is in shambles

cowboy bebop faye valentines day looking sad

Having lost her memory, Faye eventually manages to piece together her origins and remember where she came from. But when she returns to the house she grew up in, she discovers that it has been destroyed. After years of searching and wondering what she would find when she got home, she found nothing more than a pile of rubble. Perhaps she expected it, given that she had last seen her home 57 years ago, but the harsh reality of the situation must have been emotionally devastating.

seven Advantage: Faye doesn’t have much baggage, literally and metaphorically

cowboy bebop faye valentine drinking coke

While it’s obviously best to avoid amnesia and retain her memories, Faye enjoys her amnesia since she doesn’t have much accumulated baggage from her past. Nor does she have a lifetime’s worth of stuff to carry with her through the void of space.

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The only thing she has from her old life after waking up from cryogenic sleep is her first name. While his situation is certainly not ideal, there can also be a sense of freedom that comes with it. Faye was basically given the opportunity to start over.

6 Harsh reality: Faye lost her parents when she was young

cowboy bebop faye valentine in car looking up

Faye Valentine has definitely had a tough life since waking up from cryogenic sleep. His tragic past definitely relativizes his taste for gambling, smoking, alcoholism and a penchant for violence. She lost her parents in an accident in space that put her into cryogenic sleep, so she couldn’t even go to their funeral. Waking up decades later without your parents and not knowing where they were or how to find them must have been incredibly difficult.

5 Advantage: Faye’s real age is 77, but she still looks young

While Faye would probably have preferred to stay in her time rather than waking up in the future, it’s still pretty impressive to be able to say you were born in the 20th century and still a young woman in 2071. Based on the Faye’s actual birth date, she is actually 77, but cryogenic sleep after the gate accident prevented her from physically aging. Having factual evidence that shows she should be much older is definitely something to brag about, and it’s the kind of thing that could net you a few free drinks at the bar.

4 Harsh reality: Faye is surrounded by men

Being the only female member of the Bebop team, it would be nice for Faye to have some girly talk from time to time. Even Ein, the data dog, is male, and although Ed is called a girl in the anime, she’s a bit too young and naive for some topics. While Faye no doubt gets along better with boys than girls, she would probably welcome the prospect of another woman coming to live on the Bebop, especially when it comes to hygiene.

3 Advantage: Faye has her own ship

cowboy bebop faye valentines day ship

Complete with machine guns, a missile launcher, and an autocannon, Faye’s ship, the Red Tail, is a serious machine. It’s unclear how Faye acquired the ship, but given that she was heavily in debt before she got it, it’s highly likely that she received it through illegal activity.

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The Red Tail has proven essential in making quick getaways, tracking down leads regarding her past, hunting down bounties, and coming to Spike’s aid like she did when he confronted Mad Pierrot in Space Land. His ship also gives him the freedom to roam the stars as he pleases.

2 Harsh reality: Faye was betrayed after recovering from Cryosleep

cowboy bebop faye valentine whitney haggis matsumoto

Having woken up from a 54-year-old nap and saddled with huge debt, Faye was tricked by a con artist, adding insult to injury. The same Doctor Bacchus who awoke her from cryogenic sleep hatched a plan that included her nephew, Whitney Haggis Matsumoto. After romantically manipulating Faye, Matsumoto faked his own death after telling Faye that he would leave all of his assets to her. The problem was that he had no assets and only had a huge debt of 35 million woolongs. Matsumoto’s debt was transferred to Faye and increased his insurmountable arrears.

1 Perk: Faye has found a group of people watching her

cowboy bebop faye valentine spike spiegel jet black edward

Faye was all alone in the world before meeting Spike and Jet. She had no friends, no family and no one to talk to. She just had to survive as best she could on her own. The fateful encounter with Spike and Jet on the Spiders From Mars casino ship was the start of a not-so-beautiful friendship, but a friendship nonetheless. She now had someone with whom to bicker, to chastise, but above all, to watch over her.

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