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The impetus behind The Big Bang Theory success was his characters. Throughout its 279 episode lifespan, the four main nerds and their set of friends, romantic partners, and coworkers have kept the show interesting and engaging for viewers.

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From the start, many fans loved it The Big Bang Theory characters. Whether it’s their quirky features, their courage in the face of a bully, or their good-hearted humor, these incredibly likeable characters have been the driving force behind the series’ success, longevity, and creativity for so many years. ‘years.

ten Chen: His annoyance with the gang was entertaining

Chen, played by James Hong, was the owner and manager of the Chinese restaurant Szechuan Palace, a place the group frequently ordered take-out (and sometimes visited). As a result, Chen made two appearances in the first season.

To say the least, he found the gang boring and often made fun of them when he spoke to them. Howard spoke to Chen in broken, incorrect Mandarin, which he continually and painfully endured whenever the group visited the restaurant. Chen was a simple yet comical character who didn’t have the patience or desire to deal with the gang’s ridicule. His realism was entertaining and made him a pleasant character to watch.

9 Zack: A beautiful foil for Leonard

Zack showing Penny and Leonard a Big Bang Theory video

Zack Johnson was one of Penny’s most notable ex-boyfriends. Unlike Kurt, who frequently treated Leonard with disdain, Zack loved Leonard. Zack was tall, stupid, and outgoing – essentially Leonard’s foil. With guys constantly harassed by those who are bigger than them, Zack was a breath of fresh air. He was really interested in science, although he understood very little of it, and seemed to enjoy spending time with guys. He even dressed up as Superman for their superhero costume contest.

His relationship with Leonard, although one-sided, was well founded and helped to further develop Leonard’s character. Leonard only hated Zack because of his past relationship with Penny. However, he eventually realized that his hatred of Zack was due to his own pettiness and insecurity.

8 Stuart was a great supporting character

Stuart flirts and moves in with Big Bang Theory Raj

Although Stuart started out as a spooky comic book owner, he ended up being an important supporting character for the series. He provided several comedic relief scenes that were already funny or in need of a little cheer. Stuart’s story was low-key to the overall plot, and he had a very special role in the series.

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Besides Stuart’s secondary character status, he wasn’t much of a nerd like the other guys. He was more of a geek and added a bit of flair and diversity to the somewhat seamless cast of characters.

seven Beverly Hofstadter was a funny and unconventional character

Beverly Hofstadter singing, hugging Penny and Leonard

Beverly Hofstadter (Leonard’s mother) was a cold, bitter, and critical person. Essentially she was the female version of Sheldon but arguably more extreme. To some extent, she traumatized Leonard when he was younger, which meant the character’s humorous scenes were his only saving grace.

Beverly was not funny in the same way as most of the other characters. Instead, she appealed to the more scientific as opposed to the nerdy, and her humor was often unintentional. This combination worked for the character and made her surprisingly likable.

6 Mary Cooper was a very caring mother to her children, especially Sheldon

Mary Cooper and her son Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory Texas

From her first appearance, Mary was portrayed as disagreeing with her son. Sheldon was scientifically minded while Mary was openly Christian. However, despite their major ideological differences, Mary always cared about Sheldon. She disciplined him when needed and was always there when he needed her, especially when he decided to run away from his friends.

Compared to the other parents depicted in the series, Mary was by far the most endearing. Even though she was a fanatic at times, she was exactly the mother Sheldon needed.

5 Leonard was a good friend of Sheldon

Leonard at Sheldon's wedding from the Big Bang Theory

Compared to his three other friends, Leonard was completely normal. He didn’t have any quirks or weird traits and was the main protagonist of the series for a while. Leonard’s only problem was his belief that he had had a bad hand in life. He was not really tall, had family issues, and was bullied as a child. However, despite everything, he was still a great friend and roommate for Sheldon.

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Sometimes Sheldon was not an easy person to deal with, let alone live with. Regardless, Leonard stayed by his side until the very end and really cared about his best friend (although he was frequently insulted by him). He continually pushed Sheldon out of his selfish shell; So much so that in the series finale, it was Leonard who made Sheldon realize that there was more to life than winning the Nobel Prize.

4 Penny was a more developed character than she appeared

Short Haired Penny Tells Her Husband About The Big Bang Theory

Penny was one of the main anchors of the series. Her growth from the pretty, artificial girl to Leonard’s wife brought the series to life and heart. She had layers to her character, and each season fans got to explore a little more about her.

Even though she was often tired of the gang’s ridicule, she really cared about them. In fact, Penny would do just about anything for her friends, which isn’t a trait she shares with most of the rest of the group. She first reunited Howard and Bernadette, despite her annoyance with Howard; she got Leonard Nimoy’s autograph for Sheldon, and she was the first girl Raj was able to talk to without alcohol.

3 Sheldon Cooper’s innocence was charming

Sheldon in his office at the comic book store and buying a Big Bang Theory console

Sheldon embodied a sense of innocence that no other character in the series possessed. It was refreshing because it made him young and exuberant. And although he was a grown man with a well-paid PhD position at Caltech, underneath it all he was just a simple boy living in a social and cultural bubble. Sometimes that made him a little childish. However, more often than not, it made him strangely charming.

Sheldon’s bizarre and frivolous traits – like hiding money in a Green Lantern statue – were part of the reasons he was such a beloved character. He never had to tell a dirty joke or date a ton of women to be funny.

2 Raj Koothrappali had a multifaceted personality

Raj in the bus and dance with Bernadette on the Big Bang Theory

Besides being the only person from an ethnic minority in the group, Raj brought more than diversity to the character cast. The series did a good job exploring elements of Raj’s life, which in turn revealed nuanced aspects of his personality. He was more than another of Sheldon and Leonard’s brilliant friends: he was a chef, a dog owner, a rich kid (for a time), and a romantic.

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It was as if every episode of The Big Bang Theory revealed something new and different about Raj. He remained an exciting and engaging character to watch, which made it easy to fall in love with the character.

1 Howard Wolowitz was a flamboyant stage thief

Howard writes a song and talks to Sheldon about the Big Bang Theory

Howard used to steal whatever scene he was in, especially in the early seasons. Whether it was his ridiculous outfit or an outrageously hilarious joke, Howard knew how to attract attention and make them laugh. That alone makes him a popular and rather beloved character.

The entire theme of the show can be found in Howard’s character. However, aside from his humor, he was a surprisingly loyal friend. He truly trusted his companions and would do anything to help them – even Sheldon.

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