10 Best Comedies of All Time, According to Letterboxd


Comedy movies are some of the most commercially successful and acclaimed movies today. Oscar-nominated movies like last year’s Don’t look up to sprawling sci-fi adventures like the well-received Everything everywhere all at oncethere’s always a comedic flick that can tickle anyone’s unique sense of humor.

More and more casual moviegoers and legit moviegoers have been posting their movie reviews on the growing social media platform Letterboxd. Among the thousands of comedy movies released in the previous decades, these are preferred by Letterboxd users.


ten Sherlock, Jr. (1924) – 4.26/5

Directed and starring Buster Keaton, Sherlock, Jr. was a silent comedy about a projectionist who dreams of becoming the world’s greatest detective. The 1924 film features many of the hallmark traits of a Keaton film – playful slapstick, deadpan comedy, sight gags and death-defying stunts.

Audiences could see how dedicated Keaton was to his craft in Sherlock Jr. In fact, one of the funniest stunts in the film fractured and almost broke his neck. He still had migraines attributed to the accident years after shooting the film.

9 Chung King Express (1994) – 4.27/5

Faye Wong looks at her reflection in Chungking Express

Wong Kar-wai is known for his moody films that always evoke longing, mystery and memory. His 1994 comedy-drama film Chung King Express does not fail to highlight Kar-wai’s signature drama and atmosphere, but at the same time, Kar-wai incorporates meaningful comedy that lessens the seriousness of the film without minimizing its intensity.

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The film stars some of the most iconic actors in Asian cinema like Takeshi Kaneshiro, Brigitte Lin, Tony Leung and Faye Wong. On Letterboxd, many of the film’s critics believe it was Faye Wong’s character who brought the humor to the film.

8 City Lights (1931) – 4.27/5

City Lights 1931 Charlie Chaplin Virginia Currill

Written, starred, produced and directed by the great Charlie Chaplin, city ​​lights was a comedy film ahead of its time. The popularity of silent films began to decline the moment the film was released to the public. Despite this, city ​​lights has always been warmly received and is even one of Chaplin’s most commercially successful works.

In the film, Chaplin’s The Tramp falls madly in love with a blind girl. Due to its endearing story and hysterical moments, city ​​lights was recognized as one of the best romantic comedy films of all time by the American Film Institute.

7 The Disciples of Ascensia Final Release (2019) – 4.28/5

Two women in the forest in The Disciples of Ascensia's Final Exit.

The final release of Disciples of Ascensia is an independent animated film created by animator and writer Jonni Phillips. Despite his young age, Jonni Phillips has previously worked for various animation companies such as Flightless Bird Creative, Squash Animation and Frederator Studios.

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His movie of 2019 The final release of Disciples of Ascensia is a 46-minute comedic presentation about an alien cult and its members. The absurd scenes created in various mediums like gouache, digital, watercolor and construction paper have undoubtedly impressed Letterboxd users.

6 Love Show (2008) -4.29/5

Takahiro Nishijima in Love Exposure

Critically acclaimed in 2008, love show is a Japanese arthouse comedy-drama about an “up-skirt” photographer who falls in love with a girl. Letterboxd users note that despite its ridiculous premise, the film tactfully explores sexual behavior while still managing to be humorous and entertaining.

Additionally, critics also point out how the themes of love, religion, and sexuality were masterfully portrayed on screen by the actors. With a battery life of more than four hours, love show is one of the longest running comedies in Asian cinema.

5 It’s Such a Beautiful Day (2012) – 4.31/5

Oscar nominee Don Hertzfeltdt is known for his delightfully funny short films. His 2012 feature film It’s a beautiful day is a seamless presentation of his three short films centered on a character named Bill.

In the film, Bill suffers from memory issues and has bizarre visions, both of which are clear signs he’s dealing with a neurological issue. Both casual viewers and film critics think that It’s such a beautiful life deserves to be considered one of the best animated films of all time for its deeply comedic account of the human condition.

4 The Apartment (1960) – 4.32/5

Jack Lemmon in The Apartment

Hollywood legend Billy Wilder is not only known for directing groundbreaking dramatic films like sunset boulevard and Ace in the hole. His 1960 comedy film The apartment was critically acclaimed due to its fantastic blend of humorous scenes, romance, and outspoken cynicism.

The apartment is about an insurance employee who tries to climb the corporate ladder by allowing his superiors to use his apartment for their side adventures. But as with most devious schemes, the ingenious plan begins to fall apart as more and more people get involved.

3 A Dog’s Will (2000) – 4.53/5

Matheus Nachtergaele in The Will of a Dog

A Dog’s Will is a Brazilian comedy directed by Guel Arraes. The film is based on a play of the same name about poor guys who have wronged the people of a small town in northeast Brazil. After their death, they must confront and convince Christ, the Virgin Mary and the devil in order to access heaven.

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The perfectly written script, the charismatic actors and the cameos of the greatest icons of Brazilian cinema and television are some of the reasons why A Dog’s Will is considered by Letterboxd users to be one of the best comedy films of all time.

2 Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022) – 4.56/5

All everywhere all at once Michelle Yeoh

Director duo Daniels are best known for their surreal 2016 comedy-drama film Swiss army man. In 2022, the directors returned to release one of the most critically acclaimed films of that year to date, Everything everywhere all at once.

With legendary Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh, Everything everywhere all at once is a multiversal exploration of nihilism and immigrant family history. Michelle Yeoh’s stellar performance, along with the Daniels’ stunning direction and songwriting, cemented Everything everywhere all at once as one of the best movies so far this year.

1 Parasite (2019) – 4.58/5

From the brilliant mind of Bong Joon-Ho, Parasite is a film about a poor family that infiltrates a wealthy family to make ends meet. The Korean film was very successful outside of South Korea – so much so that it even won the Best Picture Oscar, alongside three other Oscars.

Besides being extremely entertaining and intelligent, Parasite also stands out as a masterpiece in the world of comedy by dissecting real-world and relatable themes like poverty, social difference and class consciousness. No wonder the film resonated with viewers around the world.

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